O’fenicia olive oil of choice
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O’Fenicia  ... Live, Love, Olive !

extra virgin olive oil

O’Fenicia  is a Mediterranean 100% natural extra virgin olive oil obtained by simple cold pressing of the fruit, without treatment, without additives. The subtle blend of the two finest varieties of olives, Chemlali and Chetoui, selected by ancestors for millennia due to their specific characteristics, provides a combination of perfect color, fruity and intense aroma, softness and smoothness flavor with excellent conservation attributes... Continuation

O’Fenicia  ... simply the best olive oil for your body! !

Our careful process of harvesting (olives are meticulously selected by our experts and simply hand-picked on the tree), the use of modern facilities, and our passion for perfection combine to create our authentic extra virgin olive oil, O’Fenicia ... Continuation

O’Fenicia   The Picholine queen variety of our products

Our specialty Picholine, french olive variety that gives ardent, very fruity olive oil with light bitterness and spiciness. It is characterized by apple fruit aroma with fresh grass notes. Picholine is the olive oil for gourmets.
We strive for excellence in producing only the highest range of olive oil: O'Fenicia