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O’Fenicia Tunisian olive oil extra

O’Fenicia  , simply the best olive oil for your body!

From antiquity, olive oil has been recognized as a powerful remedy against all ills. Olive oil has been always considered as a symbol of softness and longevity.

Considered as a major component of the traditional Mediterranean diet, the regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil has demonstrated undeniable benefits to health.

Medical profession and multiple scientific studies have endorsed the benefits of olive oil on health.

O’Fenicia olive oil works directly on preventing age-related diseases:

Benefits  Lowers blood pressure,

Benefits  Protects you from heart disease,

Benefits  Reduces bad cholesterol level,

Benefits  Reduces the risk of diabetes,

Benefits  Helps preventing some forms of cancer,

Benefits  Promotes healthy digestion,

Benefits  Balance the fatty acids in your body,

Benefits  Enhances skin, hair and nails.

Moreover, our extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamin A, D and E, essential for the growth of the children and their resistance to infections.