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The beautiful story of O’Fenicia

O’Fenicia extra thin olive oil

O’Fenicia, is born from the happy encounter between Mourad a Tunisian and his wife.

Both passionate by natural products and particularly by the culture of olives, they were keen to transmit their passion. Together with their team, they wished to pay a tribute to their beloved land, Tunisia and the civilization of Phoenicians who have spread the olive culture in the Mediterranean shores of North Africa and Southern Europe. Therefore, they have named their extra virgin olive oil, O’Fenicia. More than a brand, O’Fenicia is a lifestyle.

Since its discovery, the olive tree is considered the tree blessed by the Gods and symbolizes wisdom and peace. Since ancient times, the people of the Mediterranean (Phoenicians, Carthaginians, ancient Greeks, and Romans) used it for cooking and for their cosmetics. The Phoenicians are credited with promoting the olive tree throughout the Mediterranean basin.

The connection between the olive tree and the Mediterranean countries, (Tunisia, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, Syria, France, Greece, etc.) goes back more than 5000 years.

The tree is venerated by all generations and even today the greatest scientists and top chefs continue to confirm the excellent taste of its valuable oil and its many benefits for the body.

The olive tree is the ultimate Mediterranean tree. The specific climatic conditions of the Mediterranean Basin offer the best conditions for its growth through a light mild and sunny climate. Average rainfall and generous sunshine in Tunisia are the source of abundant growth of olive trees and the excellent quality of their olives.

Tunisia, the land par excellence for the olive

In Tunisia, olives and olive oil are a passion and an integral part of the culture. Tunisia has managed to strengthen its image as a major producer of olive oil, complying with a recognized tradition for centuries. Olive trees are planted in four fifths of the area covered with trees, and together account 65 million olive trees in over 1.7 million hectares.

The incredible diversity of soils, the know-how of producers, the experience and tradition gained over the centuries passed down from father to son, the great attention to authenticity and being close to nature have always been the key factors to ensure to Tunisia the production of highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Tunisia is one of the largest producers and exporters of olive oil and provides more than a fifth of the world exports of this oil. It exports its olive oil mainly to Spain, Italy and France but also to the US, China, Japan and the Gulf countries.

The proof of the quality of Tunisian oil :

Italy, France and Spain, while being major producers themselves of olive oil, import Tunisian olive oil, known as the green gold of the Mediterranean region, for its high quality and competitive price. 75% of the combined import of olive oil in these 3 countries is from Tunisia.