O’fenicia olive oil of choice
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O’Fenicia  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an authentic blend

O’fenicia Tunisian olive oil Glass bottle 250 ml
O’fenicia Tunisian olive oil Glass bottle 500 ml
O’Fenicia extra thin olive oil Glass bottle 750 ml
olive oil first choice Metallic tin 3 l
O’Fenicia  Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a refined blend

O’Fenicia Tunisian olive oil extra Glass bottle 250 ml
O’Fenicia extra virgin olive oil Glass bottle 500 ml


extra virgin olive oil

We offer a targeted range of high-end products composed of:

We strive for excellence by producing only the highest quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The level of acidity (free acidity) is an absolute criterion of quality. The lower this level is, the better the olive oil is. As a matter of fact, the level of acidity of O’Fenicia extra virgin olive oil is less than 0.5% (0.5 grams per 100g), whilst international standard set by the IOOC (International Olive Oil Council) is ≤0.8% (0.8 grams per 100g).

O’Fenicia extra virgin olive oil is obtained by simple cold pressing of the fruit, without treatment, without additives.

The dark color of the glass bottle containing O’Fenicia oil and the deadline indicated on our products guarantee the preservation of optimal characteristics of the oil for excellent tasting conditions.

How do you check that O’Fenicia extra virgin olive oil is better than any other oil? Compare it with other olive oils :

Put a small quantity of each brand of olive oil separately in a small bowl and prepare several small slices of bread.

Sight :

Look at the color => the greener the color, the more likely it is that the olives have been harvested before maturity. Harvesting olives at the right time produces transparent yellow oil with a little shade of green.

Smell :

Smell each brand of olive oil => fruity and fresh smell of the olive should emerge naturally.

Taste :

Savor each oil => with a slice of bread, the oil will be slightly bitter with a fruity aftertaste. In order not to mix the flavors, drink some sparkling water between each tasting.

You will see: O’Fenicia is the oil with the perfect color, aroma and flavor.

Respect of International Standards:

Before any export, O’Fenicia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is routinely certified by the Tunisian Authorities (the Oil Department of Ministry of Agriculture) and third part International Laboratories.
Regarding our organic range, Ecocert organization certifies that we have used techniques for growing and harvesting that strictly respect the rules of Organic Farming and respect the Environment.
Taste, enjoy and share your experience with us. Your comments are important for us!